Italian Food & Italian Wine Pairing Workshop (SOUTHAMPTON)

Italian Food & Italian Wine Pairing Workshop (SOUTHAMPTON)

Pairing food with wine should be easy and fun, yet so many people become stressed at the idea of make a wine faux pas. Yet the best part about pairing food with wine is the experimentation and delights at finding a pairing that YOU enjoy.

Italy produces the most wine in the world. But Italian wine can be intimidating for beginners due to the unfamiliar names — it's more Nebollio & Verdicchio than Merlot and Chardonnay. But the secret to drinking Italian is… it's all about the food!

There are some general guidelines you may find helpful when selecting a wine to enhance your meal, all of which will be studied and tested during this tasting! We'll put the theory into practice by pairing our chosen 5 wines with 8 very carefully selected Italian nibbles, and deliberate which pairing works best for us. What fun! 

Here are some the rules that we will study more carefully together:

  • Select light-bodied wines to pair with lighter food, and fuller-bodied wines to go with heartier, more flavourful dishes. Using salmon as an example, Pinot Noir works beautifully with the fish because you are matching light to light. Otherwise a full-bodied, heavier wine will overpower a light, delicate dish, and similarly, a lighter style wine will not even register on your personal flavour meter if you sip it with a hearty roast.
  • Consider how the food is prepared. Is it grilled, roasted, or fried? What type of sauce or spice is used? For example, chicken with a lemon butter sauce will call for a different more delicate wine to play off the sauce than chicken cacciatore, with all of the tomato and Italian spices, or a grilled chicken breast.
  • For every food action, there is a wine reaction. When you drink wine by itself it tastes one way, but when you combine it with a bite of food, the taste changes. This is because wine is like a spice. Elements in the wine interact with the food to provide a different taste sensation like these basic reactions:
  1. Sweet foods like Italian tomato sauce, Japanese teriyaki, and honey-mustard glazes make your wine seem drier than it really is, so try an off-dry (slightly sweet) wine to balance the flavour (Chenin Blanc, White Zinfandel, Riesling).
  2. High acid foods like salads with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, soy sauce, or fish served with a squeeze of lemon go well with wines higher in acid (Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir).

Have we managed to excite your tastebuds? Then come and join us for a very entertaining evening ... Italian style! LEARN HOW TO PAIR PIZZA, PASTA, PESTO, MOZZARELLA, TOMATOES, PARMA HAM, PROSCUITTO, ETC, SUCCESSFULLY BY TASTING IT ALL WITH THE RIGHT WINE.

This tasting would make THE perfect present for any foodie, so get a Gift Voucher - a great gift for birthdays or other special occasions!

Places remaining: 6

Course Date/Time: Fri 26th Apr 2019 at 7pm

Duration: 2 hours

Venue: Dolphin Hotel (a Mercure Hotel), 34-35 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2HN

Event Price: £35.00







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