Cheese & Wine Pairing Workshop (ONLINE TASTING)

Cheese & Wine Pairing Workshop (ONLINE TASTING)

A new era is dawning for online education! Universities and businesses are going virtual and so is your favourite wine school - fancy joining us?

At these online classes we will be creating a shared tasting experience and educating in our typical fun way with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. All sessions will be recorded and if you can't attend at the last minute just let us know so you can go through the event at your convenience later.

Pairing cheese with wine should be easy and fun, yet so many people become stressed at the idea of make a wine faux pas. Yet the best part about pairing food with wine is the experimentation and delights at finding a pairing that YOU enjoy. And that's exactly what this pairing workshop is all about ... putting the theory behind food & wine pairing rules into practice and discovering which cheese matches which wine and why!

France, England, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece and Spain are home to some of the world's greatest cheeses and are famous for their diverse and interesting range of regional cheeses ... and wines!

Your cheese-obsessed tutor, Cecile Bergart, is a Sommelier and a published Champagne and Wine Educator, a guest champagne expert for Champagne World Magazine, for Channel 4 'Superscrimpers', a regular guest speaker on BBC Radio Solent, as well as being an approved staff educator for Marks and Spencer. Besides, she grew up in France on Brie and Chardonnay, so trust us when we say that you will be in good hands!

I would recommend buying in advance: 1 bottle of French Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, ie from Touraine, Haut-Poitou, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume, etc (any winery from the Loire will do) and 1 bottle of French sweet white wine, from either Sauternes, Monbazillac, Jurancon, Barsac, or Coteau du Layon, sweet Vouvray, etc (any winery will do), and opening those wines LIVE with us on the night. No red wine, I know, but please trust me ... you will be blown away by my pairings! ;-)

Tesco & Sainsbury's sell half-bottles of Sauternes for only £12.50, but my favourite sweet wine is Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes from Waitrose for £16, but only £13 at Majestic if you buy as part of a mixed case of 6 bottles, so buy a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Sauvion in Haut-Poitou AOC for £9 there as well in that case. Waitrose also sells a lovely half-bottle of Leyrissat Monbazillac for only £10.50. Tesco sells a lovely Sauvignon Blanc from Lacheteau in Touraine for £7.50 whilst Sainsbury's sells Calvet in Touraine for £8. I hope this helps!

For the cheese platter, I would recommend getting: 1 FRESH goat cheese; 1 boursin with garlic and herbs; 1 roquefort blue cheese; 1 Mexicana cheese with red chili peppers and jalapenos (Waitrose sells its own version of cheddar cheese with chili peppers) ; 1 Wensleydale with apricots ; some crackers (water biscuits would be best), caramelised red onion chutney. 

Let's bring some wine & cheese fun to your living-room! ;-)

1 ticket will entitle everyone in your household to attend this virtual tasting (no need to buy a ticket per person!).

Places remaining: 17

Course Date/Time: Sat 27th Jun 2020 at 7pm

Duration: 1+ hour


Event Price: £10.00







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