2-WEEK BEER COURSE: Introduction to Beer Tasting (ONLINE TASTING)

2-WEEK BEER COURSE: Introduction to Beer Tasting (ONLINE TASTING)

Join our 'Beer Wrangler' - Jonny Tyson of the South London Wine School - and learn about the world of beer, while tasting through six classics over 2 nights. Jonny is an Advanced Cicerone and Accredited Beer Sommelier and will take you on a fun beery journey where you can ask any questions along the way!

Get to grips with the fascinating world of beer on this 2-week introductory course. Running over 2 consecutive Thursdays this is designed for people who enjoy beer and want to learn more about it, in a fun, friendly and relaxed setting in the comfort of your own home.

At the end of the course you will :

  • Be able to taste beer like a professional
  • Be able to tell if a beer is faulty
  • Understand the world’s classic beers
  • Taste through some delicious beers of the world


    1. 13th August from 7.30pm: Week 1 – Introduction to beer and ingredients- with three Classics of Continental Europe.
This first session will cover the basics: How is beer made, the different ingredients, flavour and profile. We will professionally taste three examples from a great selection and learn all about 3 European classics: Czech Pale Lager, German Hefeweizen, Belgian Dubbel/Brune.

    2. 20th August from 7.30pm: Week 2 – Beer faults, Beer history & Craft beer revolution.
This evening we’ll move on to talk about what happens when beer goes bad, and how to identify some common faults, as well as the history of beer. We'll taste some styles that have been popular as part of the craft beer movement, including a re-birth of an old London beer: Porter, American-Style IPA, Hazy New England-style Pale Ale.

So join us on this 2 week course and get to grips with some brilliant beer!


Please find below the recommended list of beers that are widely available at supermarkets to taste along with Jonny when you purchase your ticket. There will be a number of options so don't worry, you should easily be able to find a beer that fits! Can't find those below? Let us know and we'll recommed others!

Unable to commit to each evening? No problem! Anyone registered for this course will gain access to the video recordings of each tasting session, so you can always revisit any of these at anytime in the future - whether it’s because you missed participating in the live evening or if you want to revisit the presentation at a later date.

Recommended beers for the 'Intro to beer' 2-week course – all available in various supermarkets:

1. Czech Pale Lager: - Budvar Original OR - Pilsner Urquell 

2. German Hefeweizen/Weissbier:  - Erdinger Weissbier OR - Franziskaner Weissbier OR - Maisel’s Weisse OR - Paulaner Weissbier

3. Belgian Dubbel/Brune: - Leffe Brune OR - Westemalle Dubbel OR - Chimay Rouge (Red label)

4. Porter: - Fullers London Porter OR - Taste the Difference Porter OR - Guinness West Indies Porter OR - Anchor Porter

5. American style IPA: - Beavertown Lupuloid IPA OR - Lagunitas IPA OR - Camden Off Menu IPA OR - Brewdog Punk IPA

6. Hazy/NEIPA: - Thornbridge Jamestown New England IPA OR - Brewdog Hazy Jane OR - Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA OR - Thornbridge Green Mountain Hazy Vermont

PLEASE NOTE: this 2-week beer course will be presented by Jonny, not Cecile, live on Zoom. The link shall be provided by Jonny, direct.

ONE £25 ticket will entitle everyone in your household to attend these 2 tastings (no need to buy a ticket per person!) OVER THE COURSE OF TWO CONSECUTIVE THURSDAYS. Each tasting will last about 60 minutes in length. 


Places remaining: 7

Course Date/Time: Thu 13th Aug 2020 at 7.30pm

Duration: 1 hr


Event Price: £25.00







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